“Quality of life” the core of CSR in Dayonix Pharma”

To grow our business while helping to develop solutions to ameliorate the world’s problems, has been the fundamental to our journey towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Dayonix Pharma intends to design company social responsibility activities as versatile and complimentary to each other in order to protect the environment and contribute to the society. We believe improving our impact on society, strengthens our company, reinforces our license to operate, and fulfills our business purpose to bring Joy, Peace and Well-being to people.
Previous studies have demonstrated that patients without health insurance are less likely to receive recommended preventive measures and screening and have poorer outcomes for chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.
Moreover, certain urban and rural communities lack primary medical care, primary care physicians, and other health resources. Finally, factors such as transportation difficulties, limited health literacy, lack of fluency in English, low income level, and low education level contribute to the designation of “underserved.”

WE, in partnership with our people, partners & stakeholders, general public, private institutions, nongovernmental organizations, and governments aim to create sustainable value with all we do and to meet the health needs of these “underserved” while investing in the health of our communities and our environment.

In contrast to the decision-making processes based solely upon the interests of shareholders, in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, stakeholders including e.g. governmental bodies, trade associations, communities, associated corporations, employees and the public, are involved in the company decision-making processes. To do it properly, we interact with stakeholders in CSR issues through online social networks of Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, Our Social Media is a platform for our customers, employees, partners and general public to socially engage with us discussing how our policies can be more sustainable. We have improved the way companies communicate their CSR issues by shifting to a two-way communication approach, rather than a one-way effort.


Our key objective remains constant; that creating and supporting healthy living patterns whereby people can flourish and achieve their positive perspectives to feel motivated, supported and inspired towards their life.

We are equally committed to actions and initiatives that support our other Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles. This includes doing our utmost towards protecting the environment and providing the quality of life for the people around the world.


At Dayonix Pharma, we believe education, key to pulling people out of poverty and leading to happiness, often falls by the wayside.

We assume this feature enables people to lead productive, healthy and happy lives and to access opportunities otherwise impossible. It also enables them to make a positive difference, both to their own lives and to those within their community.

 Therefore, via our unique approach, we work to give children the education they need and fight the inequalities that stand in their way. We partner with remote and rural communities where children are leaving school without vital basic skills.

Through this initiative, we reduce the pressure of academic expenses from economically weaker parents, provide essential school items, establish learning centers and provide counselling & support to those children whose emotional setbacks need personal care and attention.

Apart from assisting with children and their educational affaires, we partner with nonprofits across the country to empower underserved individuals, especially unemployed youth, marginalized women, and rural communities, through general literacy, skills training and life coaching workshops.

Meanwhile, what they think is incredibly important to us and we actively seek their views regularly.


At Dayonix Pharma we constantly strive to improve the company’s environmental performance to achieve the prestigious Carbon Trust Standard. One primary focus of our corporate social responsibility is the environment. Any steps we can take to reduce the footprints are considered both beneficial for the company and society as a whole.

Dayonix Pharma has led the way on environment efforts, such as green energy usage, combatting climate change by reducing its manufacturing waste & carbon, using recyclable packaging, eco-friendly office & travel policies, and that take a responsibility for controlling if its impact is positive or negative.