Dayonix Pharma is a global health-science company focused on improving the quality of life for a healthier future through nutraceutical and pharmaceutical solutions for all members of the family.
We specialize in innovation, development, design and strategic marketing of various food supplements for all ages.


After years of experience in international pharmaceutical industry, we at Dayonix Pharma decided to accelerate our growth on improving health and wellness of people around the world. Hence, being one of the most reputable health and well-being companies including such high quality brands in the market, we have leveraged major global trends to expand our leadership in medicinal and supplemental world in Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia.
Through engaging professional R&D units and cutting-edge technology, DAYONIX PHARMA has discovered best compositions to generate more innovative products. Having quality in our top priority, we have produced our products in the best manufacturing sites benefiting from high quality standards and GMP. Here in DAYONIX PHARMA, we anticipate and exceed customers’ expectations as it is strongly believed that their benefits are preferred to ours.


Being dominant in all markets we are active in, by bringing together innovative products, quality & affordable price leading to customer satisfaction


Bringing Joy, Happiness and Wellness to our customers, through our distinguished portfolio of most advantageous products.


Addressing our customers’ benefits prior to ours via optimal performance & high manufacturing standards.


We verify and confirm the overall effectiveness of our products through science-based assessments, authoritative literature revisions and the latest discoveries in modern medicine resulting in formulating the real requirements of our customers.


We stand by our strict quality control process to provide you with a responsible manufacturing. To follow our finely tuned production procedures that maintain the superior quality we have promised you, advanced technological methods are always under investigation. Our products are manufactured in state of the art facility, according to EU cGMP standards to meet such high quality standards that our clients deserve.


Producing our outstanding ingredients through strict quality control and assurance, we provide an excellent level of formulation and impressive development regarding our products. To continue our constant drive towards improvement and growth, we conduct post-market case studies to evaluate the performance of products. Through this system, we can stay on top of our customer’s satisfaction.


All our products are manufactured in Europe and adhere to the EU’s regulations and policies starting from the ingredients to formula creation, to manufacturing and packaging consequently. We ensure that we make all of our products at the highest quality from the ground up to give you the most effective and efficient medicines and supplements.

All of our dietary supplements and over the counter medications are run through strict testing to ensure that the ingredients are far from any toxic, pollutants or any other side effect which may contaminate our formulas.

All ingredients are found in our formulas, so our consumers can be sure to check and confirm for the ingredients of highest grade.

All products are manufactured and packaged under our state of the art manufacturing facilities to guarantee the highest standards of health and safety.

All of our consumers can build trust with us through our effective results, and healthier lifestyles demonstrated by those who have begun to take our top-of-the-line Prescription-only medicines, OTCs and Supplements.